Our Commitment

Our raison d'être is to support seed, start-up early stage to late stage companies in the ICT industry as well as other high-growth industries. (including but not limited to content and digital media, IOT, e-commerce, financial tech, etc)

We'll empower entrepreneurs to:

  • Create their own wealth, and then
  • Generate a lot more of it

How we do it is simple - money, connections, and support. After injecting capital into these up-and-coming companies, we remain actively involved for about three to eight years; and by that, we mean that we sit on the Board and help with key management decisions. Not to micromanage, mind you, but to provide sound advice based on our vast experience and leverage on our wide cross-industry network.

It's also our responsibility to groom more VCs like us and private equity managers; there's so much to do, yet so few of us. We could do with a lot more VCs in town.